How do I add a personalized note?

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To learn more about our 'Send a Surprise' personalized note service, please click HERE.

To add a personalized message to your item, please follow these simple steps below (Be sure to follow along with the prompts and “Next” buttons in the upper right-hand corner):

  1. Find and select the card you wish to send and select the Personalize & Send option, and then click the red Personalize button as shown below.
  2. Choose Layout by clicking on either: Photo+Message or the Message only buttons.
  3. Use the Click to Add Message / Click to Add Photo (optional) buttons to follow prompts and begin writing your message and/or adding your photo. *Font, text color, alignment, and message ideas are options available above text space.
  4. Enter the Recipient Address (ie. The address where this personalized item should be sent). 
  5. Choose your delivery date, options below:
    • “Send this card right away”
      • Choose this option to ship your card immediately.
      • At checkout, you’ll have the option to choose the shipping method; Standard shipping, Expedited, or One Business Day.
    • Please delay this card so that it arrives by…”
      • Choose this option to delay shipping and schedule your personalized item for delivery at a future date.
      • Cards scheduled for future delivery will always ship via our Standard shipping method.
      • *Please note that due to variability with carrier partners, the personalized item may arrive up to 3 days earlier than the selected delivery date.
  6. Check the box that says I have checked my personalized message and/or photo for errors and agree to Lovepop's Terms of Services”. Then, click “Add to Cart.”





Note: We maintain a content policy that is outlined in our Terms of Service, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders which violate that policy. We don't want you to miss your special occasion so please refrain from questionable content.

For customer privacy, please also know that we are unable to receive photos via email to upload on your behalf. However, we are happy to walk you through the process! Please visit our 'Contact Us' article for more details about reaching our Customer Happiness Team. 

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