How can I schedule an item to arrive in the future?

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You sound like a proactive individual! If you’re ahead of the game and have included our personalized note service for $5, you can choose to schedule your product for future delivery. Please note that scheduled items can arrive up to 3-days ahead of the selected date, as we want to make certain your surprise arrives in time for the special occasion.

We do our best to ensure that your card arrives on time, however, we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date due to possible delays with USPS. 

To schedule a future delivery:

  1. When you find the perfect Lovepop, choose the “Personalized Note” option and click the “Personalize” button.
  2. Personalize your note, add an optional photo, and then click “Preview Note”.
  3. Confirm your personalization, then click “Schedule Delivery”. 
  4. Enter the recipient’s address, then choose the date you need the Lovepop delivery to arrive by. Note that if your delivery date is fewer than 7 days in the future, you’ll need to choose to send your card immediately in order to ensure it arrives on time. 
  5. Click “Add to Cart” and continue to shop for any additional products you want to add to your order. Any other upcoming occasions?


Note: You must choose the Personalized Note option to schedule a delivery. A scheduled delivery is included in the $5 personalization fee.

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