What does a delivered card look like? How will my order arrive?

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All Lovepop card orders come in a brown Lovepop branded mailer. If your online order included a personalized "Send a Surprise" note, the card will be enclosed in a blank envelope inside of the mailer. Each personalized note is custom printed and hand-placed inside the card for the perfect presentation. And don’t worry - we don’t include a packing slip or any billing information in the order! 

The return address on the package will be our fulfillment center, no personal information will be shared on the shipping label. Be sure sure to sign your name when personalizing your item, otherwise, your package will not show who it's from.


Environmentally-friendly packaging? You betcha!

Every Lovepop branded card, envelope, and paper insert is 100% recyclable. 

The plastic sleeve that each Lovepop comes packaged in is made out of a #4 or #5 resin identification code plastic, which can be recycled at most recycling facilities. If you’d like to recycle our packaging, please find a recycling center location near you.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability in our Arbor Day Foundation partnership announcement. 



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