Why did I only receive part of my order?

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We operate two distribution and fulfillment centers located in Massachusetts and California.  This allows us to process and deliver your order as quickly as possible, and orders (including partial or split shipments) may be fulfilled from either location.

On occasion, orders may be split shipped due to inventory levels at one particular Lovepop Fulfillment Center.  When this happens, part of your order may arrive before other items.  This can appear as though items might be missing, when in fact they are on their way to your shipping destination in a separate shipment.

When this happens, please refer to your 'shipping confirmation email' that you received from us.  If your order ships in multiple shipments, you will receive a separate 'shipping confirmation email' and tracking number as each portion of your order is picked, packed, and shipped from either location.

Please view our "How do I track my order?" article for details on tracking your items. 

Note: Items do not necessarily ship at the same time and can have different delivery dates.

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